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Summer Internship... No Privacy!!!

Heya peeps! This is a short update to let you know that Ri-Ri is now on a summer internship! Right now I'm messing around in a high-tech lab, my dream!!! XD If I had a macho daddy-boss and an army of hunky lab-techs, I'd be in heaven!

Well, ya can't have everything, but I'm having lots of fun now, but in between hours I've managed to find time and inspiration to restart my Working Men series which kinda died when I hit a writer's block a couple of months ago. So there, read the first 2 chapters, and I should start on the 3rd soon, like, today. The one thing I noticed is that story ideas turn stale if you leave them alone for too long.

Basically I'm more or less lacking privacy and a reliable internet connection out of the office, so I have to sneak in little 'innocuous' posts like this for now: Y!Gallery is way too dangerous. And even at home I have to keep everything under wraps, but I tell you it ain't fun to wake up at 5am just so I can jack off without my folks finding out. Sheesh!

And I've finished my first year of Master's! Yayness! Can't wait to meet the incoming freshmen in September. God, I'd drag them everywhere with me on city and countryside tours every weekend!

Also made a very unorthodox (read: crazy) decision to try and put on a few kilos before the end of the year. Tried my dad's secret weight-gainer's recipe yesterday. Yuck! And I'm suffering from rashes today. And wrote to my classmate who's a jock to take me as his gym partner this coming fall semester. Will athletically-challenged Rigel be able to grow some nice pecs and arms by Christmas, or will he get the 'LOSER' stamp on his forehead? We shall see....

PS: And Dad's secret recipe has another side effect: I woke up at 2 in the morning so fucking hard that I had to whack off three times before I could calm down enough to go back to sleep. Viagra has got absolutely nothing compared to this shit! =\

Working Men Chapter 2

Title – Working Men – Chapter 2 - Reminder
Author – Rigel126
Genre – Action, Crime

Synopsis – Nigel turns out to be a bad boy who has a problem with rules.


Chapter 2 - Reminder

When Nigel pushed the key into the door of his apartment one floor above Asad’s, he sensed a storm brewing. Sure enough, waiting behind that door was his older sister Fiona, slender arms crossed over her perky cleavage and her long-lashed eyes curled up in an angry glare.

“You slept with that man, didn’t you?” She fired the accusation fiercely. “Don’t try to deny it! I saw the two of you sneaking away together last night!”

Nigel strode past her to the kitchen, flinging off his shirt carelessly in an exaggerated show of petulance. “Ah, so you noticed? Were you hoping that he would fuck you instead of me? Or weren’t there enough men to satisfy you last night?”

While filling a glass with water from the kitchen faucet, Nigel lazily reached up with one hand and plucked a thrown knife from the air before it could lodge itself in his right ear.

“How dare you speak to your Older Sister in that fashion?! And after all the things I did for you when you were young and foolish and weak?”

A long gulp to quench his thirst, and Nigel set the glass down, turned to Fiona and said with a level look. “I have not forgotten any of that. But I don’t see why I should be prevented from indulging occasionally in what you do on a near-daily basis.”

Fiona’s eyes flared open and she exhaled loudly. “Do you realize that you are a man sleeping with another man?! Homosexuality might be commonplace in the West, but the Elders here will not tolerate that kind of conduct, even from one of their best sweepers!”

“Well, they have two ways to deal with it: accept me as I am or replace me.”

“You are going to be killed soon if you continue to be so reckless!” warned Fiona, her eyes flashing with passionate anger. “And even I won’t be able to protect you then.”

Nigel dropped Fiona’s knife with a loud clank on the kitchen counter. “Well, fuck you all then. I don’t smoke, drink, do drugs or get into fights, so this is how I deal with stress. I sleep with men to forget the smell and taste of blood which have haunted me since I was seven. This is how I keep myself strong and focused on the job!”

Fiona’s eyes narrowed. “Don’t get addicted to the pleasure of sex, Nigel. And don’t ever fall for a man. You’re a killer, don’t forget that. Emotions are your deadliest enemy.”

Nigel stood stock still and, without turning to look at his sister, said, “I’m taking a shower and the I have a job to do. Don’t wait up for me.”


Nigel stormed off and a few seconds later, the sound of the bedroom door slamming resounded through the house.


Less than an hour later, Nigel was tearing through the streets of Greater Kuala Lumpur on his customized Kawasaki Ninja, dressed in all-black racing leathers. After a long ride, he came to the port city of Klang. Home to one of the busiest commercial harbours in the world, and also as the state capital of Selangor, the township pulsed with life: massive trucks plied the roads, massive warehouses and megastores rose from the intersections, towering over little pre-war shop-houses and pedestrians moving along the sidewalks like ants.

For the better part of the day, Nigel wandered around the town, scouting the lay of the land, asking directions from the locals, exchanging ribald jokes with old Hokkien Chinese men and taking photographs. In the afternoon while buying a cold drink from a grocery store, the young man chuckled self-effacingly when the lady shopkeeper praised his good looks and gently sidestepped the woman’s playful offer to marry off her oldest daughter to him.

And in the background of Nigel’s amiable interactions with these everyday strangers, Fiona’s words from earlier in the morning echoed in the back of his mind: Emotions are your deadliest enemy.

It has been six years since Nigel’s first kill, and so many lives have ended at his hand since then that it longer invokes fear or regret in Nigel’s heart. But even then, must I be doomed to die in loneliness?

Nightfall came and Nigel’s face took on a grim look. With purpose, he slipped on his crash helmet and straddled his motorcycle once more, this time taking the fastest route to a nightclub near the town limits. Nigel noted that most people were careful to keep some distance away from the club building, the front entrance of which was guarded by four glowering bouncers.

Out of sight and in the shelter of a dark alley, Nigel unzipped and shrugged off his racing suit, revealing a starched shirt and necktie below. He slipped on a vest and coat jacket, gelled and combed his hair and slid on a pair of sunglasses. Leaning forward to look into the rear-view mirror of his bike, the Chinese man carefully attached a false moustache above his lips and nudged it into position. As a finishing touch, he clipped on a silver earring to his left ear.

Thus properly attired, Nigel strode up confidently to the club entrance, where the burly doormen were conducting identity checks on visitors. As Nigel approached, he was naturally stopped.

“Club ID please.”

“I’m new.” Nigel cast an airy smile of a young cocky professional.

“Tonight’s Members Only Night. I can’t let you in.”

“And what if I’m planning to sign up tonight?”

“You’ll need to be introduced by a member. Now move along, sir.”

“Here’s my letter of introduction.” Nigel held out several large bank-notes for the four bouncers to see. “Will this do?”

The lead bouncer snatched the money out of Nigel’s hand and peered at them, then turned to Nigel with a wicked smile. “Sorry, fool, but we aren’t that kind of cheap and sleazy establishment.”

Nigel raised an eyebrow. “Oh, really? I had the impression that the inside of this building was full of unsavoury… trash.”

“You better move your ass before my mates do it for you,” warned the chief doorman as his goons circled Nigel menacingly.

A long sigh from Nigel. “I tried to do it the easy and pain-free way, but since you insist…”

Out of Nigel’s shirtsleeves slipped two razor-sharp knives, which he lanced outwards into the chests of two of the goons. Caught off-guard, the other two tried to retaliated, but they were no match for the Chinese man’s superlative agility. He pounded a fist hard into the nose of the lead bouncer, knocking him out flat. The last doorman had just found himself held in a headlock before his neck was snapped in two.

Alarms would be raised very soon, and Nigel had precious little time to spare. He stormed into the building, ignoring the stunned club patrons he and zipped to the back and up the stairs, dodging the attempts of the security staff to stop his advance. Nigel had in fact snuck into the building several days ago and had memorized the floor plan. He slammed his elbow into the face of one guard without slowing down his pace; another was tripped up and sent crashing through a window on the first floor and slammed into the concrete sidewalk.

He made a turn at a corridor and came up against four armed sentinels guarding an ornate door. Two were dead with knives lodged in their throats before anything else. The other two goons raised their guns, but before they could take aim, Nigel grabbed one of them by the arm and forced him to shoot the other in the head. Nigel then wrested the firearm away and put a second bullet through the last guard’s temple.

It took two, three hard kicks from Nigel to force the door open and when he did, a fierce volley of gunshots burst out from within. A hand grenade was flung into the room in response, causing a massive explosion that started a fire and set off the sprinkler system.

From then on, it was a complete massacre. Inside the room were four crime bosses who congregated for a meeting with their respective personal bodyguards, a total of twelve men. Nigel was an unstoppable and deadly as a storm, zipping between furniture and dodging bullets, slicing open flesh with a long knife and firing back metal slugs but with great efficacy.

In less than a minute, Nigel found himself looking around for the next victim with an animal look in his eyes, and it took several seconds for him to descend from his battle-madness. Eventually, he got his mind and breathing under control and did a head-count of the deceased. He recognized the faces of his targets. All accounted for… Wait, one of them was still alive. Nigel raised the groaning, barely-conscious man’s head by the hair and slashed open his throat. Blood splattered across the floor, and the body was flung away with a careless thump.

Minutes later, Nigel was far away from the mess he just made and was on his way back home. Rain started to pour from the darkened sky, soaking even through the leather of Nigel’s racing suit. Behind the crash helmet visor, his mouth was stretched in a stony scowl while his thoughts began to wander.

Just minutes ago, I killed more than ten men, and I feel nothing at all. I am a true killer who’s lost his heart and soul, who is beyond the reaches of mercy and redemption. And yet… why do I long so much to feel someone’s skin against mine?

With a hiss of frustration, he stepped on the gas and zoomed down the highway at break-neck speed.

 [Chapter 2 – Reminder End]


Chapter 1 Redux

My deepest apologies for the loooong hiatus, and for the false start. The last two chapters that I published gave me a writer's block so I was obliged to delete them. Sorry!!! =(

So now I'm re-posting two new chapters in an attempt to breathe new life into my Working Men series. Please enjoy, and comments are welcome as always!

Title – Working Men – Chapter 1 Redux - Rendezvous
Author – Rigel126
Genre – Action, Crime, BL
Warning - Explicit male-male sexual acts. You have been warned!

Synopsis – Two men and lots of booze equals sex.


Chapter 1 – Rendezvous

“Santé!” Wine-glasses clinked amid the cheers of the mainly-French expatriate community of the Sri Khazanah Condominium in uptown Kuala Lumpur. One of the residents had taken it upon herself to organize a soirée to celebrate the start of the summer holidays before everyone disappeared on vacation trips to Bali, Cebu, Ho Chi Minh City or whatever exotic locations that tickled their fancy.

Two hours into the festivities, Asad Samuntara was already feeling the strain of forcing himself to smile and make small talk with his white neighbours. He was a tall, powerfully-built man of nearly forty years, having spent his younger days in the Malaysian army and as an amateur bodybuilder. Now he worked as a private detective, helping suspicious ladies keep tabs on their husbands for ridiculous sums of money.

Feeling well-roasted under his starched shirt, Asad rolled up his sleeves and popped open a button under his collar. The temperature around him suddenly rose and more than a few pairs of eyes were ogling his big hairy pecs, some of them in awe and others in envy. In vain, he tried to shrink his big self into the furthest and darkest corner of the festivities and hope that they would eventually ignore him.

Working his way out of the crowd (and getting a few indiscreet gropes in the process), Asad with great difficulty escaped from the rowdy terrace and went to a row of lazy chairs further away by the swimming pool.

In the fading evening light, Asad saw that he had company waiting for him. It was the newest resident of their apartment block, an architect or some other from Hong Kong. Asad paid little mind to him, but the man did have a stunningly beautiful Asian wife, and the last time Asad checked, the buxom beauty was burning up the dance-floor in a hot little red dress that should have been banned in a conservative society like Malaysia’s.

“Can I join you?” asked Asad, approaching slowly. The man, a young professional no older than thirty, held a glass in one hand and a bottle in another as he stared a hundred miles away into the horizon.

The young man looked up from his reclining position and gestured with his glass to the adjacent chair. He sat up and offered the cupful to Asad. “I hate social functions.” The young Chinese man spoke with an elegant accent but great bluntness.

“… I take it your wife talked you into this?”

 “I think you mean my sister.” The other man drained his glass with one gulp.

It took a few seconds of awkward silence before Asad held out his hand. “I’m Asad, number 420.”

“Nigel, number 504. So, what do you do to pay for such a lavish residence?”



“Could you kindly get off me now? You’re bloody heavy, you know that?”

“Huh…?” Asad’s eyes snapped open and nearly fell out of their sockets. He saw his own naked self, in bed, atop an equally naked Nigel. “Holy motherfu…!!” Asad fell off the bed with a thunderous thump. “Oh my god!” he stammered. “Did we… did we…?”

Nigel sat up and stretched his long, lithe limbs with catlike grace, making the joints crack softly. He looked down on the older man with a smug look, almost like a tiger that had just finished its meal. With the early-morning light filtering in through the curtains, Asad began to realize that the Chinese man was surprisingly well-built. He certainly was not as big as a typical bodybuilder, but Nigel had enough muscle tone and definition to turn more than a few heads. His now-bare arms and shoulders, which were covered by his shirt-sleeves last night, displayed a collection of white scars.

“You’re one of those guys who blank out after a couple of drinks, huh? Well, your loss then.” Nigel’s gaze lowered down to Asad’s crotch, taking the opportunity to rape the older Malaysian man with his eyes. “But if you’re still packing some spare ammo in your side-arm, I could give you a reminder…” he growled huskily.

Asad had no chance to protest before Nigel pounced, knocking Asad onto his back. “Mm… “ Nigel took a deep sniff at the crook of Asad’s neck. “There’s something about your smell that I can’t get enough of,” the Chinese man murmured into Asad’s rough and aged skin, holding himself up so that his nose just barely brushed over Asad’s collarbone. The older Malaysian man, being a good 240 pounds of muscles and a trained soldier, could not resist Nigel’s painfully erotic touch. He moaned through gritted teeth when Nigel’s tongue started lapping at one stiff nipple. The Chinese man feathered his fingers down the older man’s delts and under his arms, making the hard, bulging flesh twitch uncontrollably at the mind-blowing sensations.

Asad squeezed his eyes shut, whimpering, “Stop… I’m straight…” He was horrified, and yet he had never been more aroused.

The tongue continued its perverted pilgrimage down Asad’s pectoral shelf, across the cobble-stone abs and criss-crossed over the treasure trail. It was clear that Nigel had no interest in responding when his mouth was preoccupied this way.

“Nngh! Mmph!” Asad shoved his fist in his mouth in a vain attempt to stifle his moans. The hot breaths of the young Chinese man were like a powerful aphrodisiac that set his skin afire.

The pleasurable feelings travelled to the hard, pulsing erection jutting out painfully from Asad’s crotch. Nigel’s licked up and down the shaft while his fingers tickled the older man’s throbbing nutsack.

“Guh! I’m gonna – argh!!” Just mere seconds of direct stimulation and Asad lost control. “Ah! Ga-haa! Haa… haa…. Haa…” He collapsed on the hard timber floor, his huge body twitching from the aftershocks of his powerful release. Asad’s massive pecs heaved with each gasp of air he took.

Nigel sat upright and wiped off the semen staining his lips with his forearm.

“Shit…” Asad half-groaned, half-panted. “Godd, that was… that was…”


“… Yeah…” Asad blushed when the word left his lips.

“Glad to hear that.” Nigel leapt to his feet like a monkey and stretched his naked self, sunlight dancing over his lithe, rippling muscles. “Mmm….” He let his arms flop down to his sides and he turned towards Asad with a cheeky grin. “And you were very vigorous last night, Mr. Asad. I don’t think I’ll be able to sit down for the rest of today.”

The older man turned redder still. “Holy crap… I…?”

Nigel’s impish grin grew wider. He bent down to reach for his rumpled clothes which lay scattered across the floor. “I think we’ll be meeting again soon, Mr. Asad. And I look forward to it.” Nigel quickly dressed to pass off for decent and, with a breezy “see you around” and a naughty wink, he disappeared from Asad’s flat. Asad was left alone, stunned and confused for long, long minutes before he began to pick himself up.

[Chapter 1 - Rendezvous End]

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Music highlight and rant.

Friday evening after a full day at the lab staring into the microscope, my professor comes and says: "Hey Rigel, could you prepare a Powerpoint for the research team this weekend and present it to the research team on Monday?"
Mouth replies: "Err, okay. Not a big deal."  
Brain: "Jesus f***ing Christ! I've got tonnes of work to do this weekend, and its real work, not partying all day. Bloody @#$%!?!!!!
Ears: "In times like this, you need motivation to work. Fingers?"
Fingers: "Right away, boss!" *goes to YouTube and finds epic fantasy music.*
Eyes and Ears: "Heaven!"
Mouth: *drools*
Powerpoint: *completely forgotten*
Yeah, I'm a complete sucker for epic fantasy music, so this is what's keeping me alive while I'm locked up in my room figuring out how to run an ANOVA statistics thingie on my data before Monday morning. Gambatte, ore!
PS: Virtually no progress on Working Men Ch 1 Part 2, but I'm planning an X-rated scene once I work out how to deal with this really busy and downright crappy month of March. Drop me a message and stay tuned!
-- Music credits lifted from source YouTube page ---
Paradise of Light and Shadow - Synchronicity 2/3 - English & Chinese Sub - Rin Len Miku - sm9047689  
English & Romaji: motokokusanagi2009
中文: yanao
Encoding: lxw
Special Thanks To: motokokusanagi2009

Video download

Original video
作詞(Lyrics):ひとしずくP (Hitoshizuku P)
作曲(Composer):ひとしずくP (Hitoshizuku P)
編曲(Arrangement):ひとしずくP (Hitoshizuku P)
PV Art: Suzunosuke

Part two of a trilogy. Further reading at

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First personal post

I've been sleep-deprived for the last three days as a result from spending my spring break locked up in a biohazard lab poisoning baby plants with toxic metals, followed by poisoning myself with alcohol at night. I am not feeling very eloquent these few days but I still want to say hello to my readers. If you're out there, hello there! I'm glad someone other than me finally looked at my stuff!

It probably wouldn't take you too long to realize that I am a complete noob at blogging. I started this blog only recently as a back-up to begin posting my newest story, Working Men, after the collapse of the Y!Gallery site two weeks ago. That said, I'll probably be keep my stories pretty updated here whether or not Y! recovers. I'm only there to perv on pictures of hot naked guys anyway! XD

So with a prologue and half a chapter up, perhaps I should talk a little bit Working Men. This has been my brainchild for years, really, but it's only recently that I've finally given myself a big kick in the butt start posting the chapters. Life is short and uncertain, I have to keep telling myself to stay motivated to write and and cope with my college assignments (ugh!).

We've started off with a bit of a patchy intro on the main character Black Wolf, who works as an assassin. Killing people of course is not all about lusting for blood or for money. It also has other aspects to it common in every other job - work politics, gossipping, competition, having a good CV and doing mundane routine work, all of which I hope to portray more in the coming chapters to keep the story from getting to sombre, a common and not-so-desirable occurrence in the crime fiction genre.

And of course, this being a blog for gay literature, it is beyond doubt that Black Wolf will be getting into a relationship with a men (or men). The dynamics of said relationship(s) however are still not decided. He is certainly not going to pimp his body to all and sundry, and of course he is a trained killer, tough as nails and perhaps have a serious commitment issue which could make things a little bit complicated.

So what's happening next? Chapter 1 part 2 is still in the works. Suggestions and comments from you, dear readers, would be most welcome and appreciated. So let's hear it!